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Linguistic adventures
Progetto Comenius

Full-time primary state school of "Vittorio Veneto"
Section n. 5 of Firenze

Associated to the UNESCO Classes: 3rd A, 3rd B and 3rd C

3-year programming: 1999/2000 English


Classi Associate UNESCO: 3 A, 3 B e 3 C

Programmazione triennale anni scolastici: 1999/2000 Italian

Teacher involved

Fanfani Fiorenza, Pepe Silvana, Di Gangi Luciana, Piccioli Paolo, Ietro Nino Lorenzo, Cusano Rosaria and the English teacher Annkatrin Foschi


Preliminary statement

After verifying last years' positive results the above-mentioned teachers have decided to continue the didactic activity of the classes associated to the UNESCO. They have defined a 3-year programme whose general objective is the 3rd article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Each individual has the right of life, of liberty and his own personal safety" (UN 1948).
The didactic activity will be carried out by working groups animated by all team teachers who will use their supplementary hours. The groups are to be organized like laboratories. The methodology will be shown in the following document.



The starting point is our school world and our environment where children coming from different cultural origins come togheter (Albanians, Philippines, South and North Americans).
The work based on "Life as communication" is carried on in the three parallel classes. At the basis of our activity there is the special social cotext where we work to wich we have already referred. The objective that we aim at achieving during the lapse of time of five years is to conquer the awareness of living together and to appreciate the life and the culture of everybody through mutual exchanges wich also means personal enrichment.
We deem advisable to suggest, once again, the fallowing line of intervention: "Life as social relationships"
The link between the didactic work and the special class and section planning will lead to opportunities to interdisciplinary collaboration and to the setting up of small working groups also guided by the parents; we plan to use audiovisual material and to produce it according to our possibilities.
We also intend to stimulate positive contacts with the n° 1 quarter council of Florence and the Town Hall Library in order to obtain the best possible means and instruments and organize exchanges between Italian and foreign school in the fifth primary class thanks to the help of the Florentine municipality.


  • Highlight the usual prejudices regardin differences (aestethic and linguistic aspects, traditions and uses)
  • Suggest simulation games where teachers and pupils play other people's roles, trying to experience different situations
  • Pupils should learn to be aware of certain factors regarding family, school and social class wich limit the liberty and the personal safety or wich reveal a limited consideration of the individual and of his dignity (the value of individuals, imagination and liberty)
  • They should learn to reflect on the own behaviour and learn to show respect towards the dignity of the others (equality)
  • They should learn to be aware of the real respect of the rights of man, wich is the object of our study in different social and cultural contexts, through:
    1. a short survey of the development of the rights of man
    2. the present day situation: gipsies, emigrants, foreigners from ex-Jugoslavia, Africa, Turkey
    3. International organizations

Florence, Settembre 1999

The teachers who organize the above-mentioned didactic activity have been participating in the group of classes associated to the uNESCO for abaut twenty years. The written documents about the results of their work have always been sent to the UNESCO offices in Paris and in Rome.

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